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Julian M

Julian M

Mt.Tremblant,Mt.blanc,The laurentians,Morgan Arboretum

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Hiking & Camping

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Natural born skier, powder, groomed any terrain is a great escape. snowshoeing , walks with the Dog and Gf by the lake. anything outdoors hockey, golf, fishing, you name it.

Julian M

Julian Mwrote a review of on March 4, 2012

5 5

So they say it's cold outdoors huh! well it isn't cold enough. You know those cold chillers with the bone chilling humidity well; let's just say they won't be bothering you anymore.

I've had this jacket for two weeks now and it's been in service ever since the day i received it. It's much lighter than i expected but the warmth is just great, i've used it as a mid-layer, jacket etc.. I don't even feel the wind.
last thursday it was about -15 c and all i had under was a t-shirt i went out to the lake to test it out i was warm the whole time. yesterday we had 35-40 mph winds and we went for a walk with the dogs i was feeling great.
My original concerns were how resistant the ripstop was, how warm and how water resistant\windproof this jacket was and let me tell you i have been pleasantly surprised. it is exceptionally warm, it repells water lightly, i havent felt the wind nor the humidity. I purchased this jacket for the humidity factor i was tired of freezing and getting the chills and i don't regret buying this jacket. overall 5 stars and it looks great in black.

The only thing missing were my goat stickers, but the shipping was very quick.