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Juddwrote a review of on December 11, 2008

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I rode these last winter in Whistler, Baker, Jackson, Idaho, BC interior. Mostly lifts, some skinning. I am 6'1" 195#.

They have held up well, however they are SUPER flexy. Also, despite their 106 waist they like to catch their nose in the pow at speed, esp in crusty situations. Check out how the sidecut comes to a quick shovel towards the tip. Definitely have a speed limit, which turns into a nasty tomahawk. Also, hard to scrub speed as they like to get on an edge instead of smear/slide.

Had a lot of fun on em but would not buy them again and I'm REALLY looking forward to getting on something stiffer and better shaped. Maybe a 4FRNT EH 186 or similar.