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Juan Almeida

Juan Almeida

K-Town TN

Juan Almeida's Bio

19 years of age, been snowboarding for like 6 years. loved it ever since i strapped in. Not much else i can say i guess.

Juan Almeida

Juan Almeidawrote a review of on March 31, 2010

5 5

i just bought these boots for my trip to argentina. and i have not had any trouble putting them on at all. they are great. form fitting, the speed lace is quick as hell. i out them on and walked around my house and it felt like i was wearing shoes. i was even running in my back yard and they and amazing. i would recommend them to all of my friends. BEST part they match my Special Blend Toofer pants perfectly. MUST BUY!!! easy as hell to put on just LOOSEN ALL THE STRINGS!!!! DUH!!!