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Jrittzwrote a review of on May 17, 2009

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I have owned these sunglasses for the last 4+ years or so now and I would never buy anything else. I have purchased semi-expensive sunglasses before, Revo, Ray Ban, and others on down to cheap... I have to say that my experiences were ok up until Maui Jim sunglasses. I was tired of always pushing the sunglasses backup on my face (for the heavier full metal frame types). I was also concerned about glare protection, or rather the elimination of glare, because I would often get a headache due to the constant squinting. But another issue of mine is durability. No matter how much I would love to avoid sitting on them, dropping them, or what have you, it’s inevitable that it will happen. Especially over a 4 year period. Yes, I did adjust the bridge nose pads too much and broke one off, but that was my fault. Outside of that, the lenses are indestructible… Now I wish I could say I was joking about this but I am not… Halloween night we went over to a friends house with the kids for some trick or treating, as it got dark, I put my sunglasses on top of my head on my baseball cap. The next day I forgot were I put my sunglasses and suddenly, I realized they may have fallen off while over the friends house. I called and asked if they had come across my sunglasses, to my dissatisfaction, they had not found them. About 2 hours later I received a phone call with bad news, my friend had accidentally run them over in the driveway with his Nissan Armada. Granted it was not on the cement driveway portion, it was in the part of the driveway with rounded loose stone, none-the-less, it was run over. I went over to pick them up and was amazed that the lenses had not snapped, broke, chipped, or cracked in any way, they were just “dented” and “scratched” I guess you could say. The frame was bent flat but I was able to bend the frame back into place and I ended up wearing them still until I lost them 4 days ago today. That is why I came back here to buy a second pair.

I more or less wear my sunglasses 24/7. If there's light out, I wear them. I don't care what the weather, light, dark, rain, does not matter, I wear them. These sunglasses are so light weight, they never need to be re-adjusted on the face. The do not cause pressure points like "Sport Girl" said in a previous review. These are awesome awesome sunglasses and you will not regret the purchase. I use them for fishing, boating, playing, and most importantly, golfing! 

These sunglasses are grade A+ in quality and Maui Jim customer service is A+.

These are the best sunglasses, period.