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Joshua Michael

Joshua Michael

Joshua Michael

Joshua Michaelwrote a review of on February 5, 2013

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Honestly, Beats Pros are a decent pair of headphones. It is higher quality than a lot of in-ear headphones and you'll have (Slightly) above-average sound quality.

But for $400, I should love these headphones and the honest truth is I don't.

They are uncomfortable to wear after 2+ hours, they are WAY to heavy on the bass, and the sound quality is meh. These headphones should be priced at around $80-$100, tops. Their only pro (no pun intended) is that they look decent. Granted you will look like a total asshole wearing them in public but they look half decent to me.

And if you want to waste $400 on an average pair of headphones, please, be my guest.

But if you want high-quality, comfortable, incredibly well priced headphones, check out some Audio-Technica ATH-M50s. These are priced at $130, sound a thousand times better, are comfortable, and best of all they wont make you look like a douche bag when you wear them around on the subway.

I know Beats look cool but seriously, do you really want to spend $400 on a pair of average headphones when you could get better headphones for $130?

Beats are all hype. If you want some real headphones check out Audio-Technica, Bose Sennheiser, or Sony.