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Joshua Gile

Joshua Gile

VA and any ground that ends up under my stompers.

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Joshua Gile

Joshua Gilewrote a review of on March 25, 2009

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Where to begin...I put off buying this tent for a long time but kept coming back to it during my shopping and am glad I did. At first I was put off by the color of the fly as I normally like to keep a low profile but after re-routing my thinking I now don't see the orange fly as a negative. Instead it gives me peace of mind when I'm camping somewhere where someone might be hunting. If I want to be a little more stealthy (weather permiting)I just remove the fly. A light/lighter on/lit inside the tent illuminates the tent if seen from the outside at night. I solved this by using the red filter for my light. Okay, moving on to more important issues. The pole system is really great and saves alot of time setting up. I found that if your tall enough or have something to stand on you can simply hold the "hub" with one hand and lift it up so the poles are not touching the ground. A simple jiggle in this position and the poles snap together, well most of em. Size wise the tent is huge. Usually me+gf+dog but last time just me & dog and had so much extra room it was great. The fit of all components is excellent especially once everything is tightened,staked and guyed. We camped lakefront last weekend and had 80 degree weather but with gusty winds. My friends in their tent next to me declined to stake their tent down and ended up with a tent-kite (good laugh if you've never seen one). My Vista tent a few feet away (staked/tied) barely moved, inside the tent the wind couldn't even be felt (fly on).I bought the footprint also and have nothing but good things to say about it too. I haven't exp. rain in this tent yet so don't feel as I can fairly give a review on water resistance. Ventilation was good with no condensation (my dog even went swimming not too long before coming to bed, wasn't soaked but wasn't bone dry. It got really cold over night so I woke up and closed the vents. The tent retained me and my dogs body heat very well after that. I will be seam sealing it hopefully this weekend for an added measure. I probably missed many things but in summary this is a well made tent even though it is made in China (sorry China, I respect your country but not most of your manufacturing quality). I would recomend it in a second to someone looking for a good tent. Also I didn't notice the bug thing that everyone seems to talk about exept for the usual spiders that end up under the fly. Thanks for reading a long coffee fuled review...will review more once wet weather is experienced.