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Joshwrote a review of on January 5, 2011

5 5

After countless hours of scouring the internet and talking to sales reps, I finally settled on this coat - and thank god I did. If you're looking for a down coat that's water/wind proof, long enough to cover your backside (and front) and doesn't make you look like a marshmallow, this is the one for you. Those are all features that no matter how hard I searched I couldn't find in one coat. Don't be fooled, if you go synthetic or you go thin, you're not going to get the warmth that you need. I bought and returned many many coats before learning this lesson. There are some cons that I'll mention, but this is just me nitpicking to ensure a full review. But as you can see I rated it 5stars because none of these cons are ones that should diminish the greatness of this coat.

First of all, in terms of sizing, it's a bit odd. I'm 6'0" 190lbs and found myself to be kind of stuck between the medium and the large. I went with the large and this it's the right pick. Fits perfectly under the arms and across the chest with room for layering (not that you need it. My only issue is that the sleeves are a tab too long so they tend to bunch. Also, the ends of the sleeves are a little odd as they have an elastic sweater-like band that sits under the shell of the jacket. If I designed myself I would've made it one piece and an adjustable strap.

The hood is fantastic. It lays really well behind you, is detachable and fits snug on the head to keep you warm with it's down filling. I do warn that if might not be the ideal size if you plan to wear a helmet.

The hand warmers are so warm I don't even bother to wear gloves anymore. I've heard people complain about the positioning - they're lower than typical coats - but I very much prefer it so my arms aren't currently in a full bent position.

Lots of pockets on this guy. Don't worry about not having room to store just about anything, large or small.

I really like the velcro on the front. This allows for a quick closure when you don't need to fully zip up. Since the coat is long, it's very good that it has a double zipper - you'll need it when you sit down. The only con is that the zipper can get a little temperamental to get latched on.

As for warmth, I find this to be the perfect balance. I live in DC which isn't the coldest of places, but being from Florida, I don't handle the cold very well. First day I got this coat I stood on the metro platform in about 30 degrees with the wind ripping at about 20mph. I didn't feel a thing! Only downside was it made me realize that much more how cold each part of my body NOT in the coat was. I've heard people complain about a lack of down in the arms, but I haven't experienced that. Mine seems to have a very even amount of down - not too much, not too little.

Lastly, price. It's a little on the high end but I managed to get mine at the end of the year on clearance for $250. Backcountry was great with shipping and communication and I got it in no. This was a long review, but I know how much I appreciated reading them while searching so wanted to be thorough for others.

Simple Advice: Buy this coat