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Josh Saint

Josh Saint

Any where a trail will lead

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Hiking & Camping

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Having survived the marshland of Florida, Saint is now the "Grizzly Adams" of Dahlonega, Ga., a mountaineer and pro cyclist tamer. This savvy businessman turned a passion into a living, and continues to convince his wife they are living THE dream, not A dream. The upcoming year will be a success when he figures out how to get a team kit to fit normal frames like himself.

Josh is the Managing Partner of the Pro Cycling Team. (

and Owner of the Hiker Hostel (

Josh Saint

Josh Saintwrote a review of on January 9, 2011

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Have had my WhisperLite since 1994. Have hiked over 3000 miles and never had any problems. In 2001 I did add the shaker jet adapter to minimize the amount of cleaning I have to do after trips. Would take a lot to convince me to carry another stove.
If traveling overseas finding fuel is not a problem. My stove is not the international and it will still safely burn some other types of fuel. In the picture I posted I am burning a petrol based paint thinner I found in Argentina.