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Jonathon Boone

Jonathon Boone

Jonathon Boone

Jonathon Boonewrote a review of on January 31, 2011

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I purchased the Giro G10 MX and 2011 giro Tuneups made for 2011 and 2010 helmets. The first issue I noticed was that the Tuneups AV connector was set spaced equidistant from the two earphones, which is a major flaw for the Tuneups as this puts the AV connector in the back of the helmet and not through the earpad like the instructions stated. Honestly, this is the only flaw they needed to turn me off. They could sound great, but I didn't even bother plugging my ipod into them.
I did a little homework, and purchase the RED Red phones for RED Helmets with the hopes that these earphones would fit comfortably as well as fit as the giro Tuneups should have. They fit comfortably, convienent positioned, and sound great as well! Needless to say, It is sad that Giro Tuneups design doesn't work with their own gear.