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Jonathan Smoove

Jonathan Smoove

Jonathan Smoove

Jonathan Smoovewrote a review of on January 19, 2012

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There was a day when I had different pairs of goggles for different weather patterns, and I was out there guessing which way it was going to go every morning. On the recommendation of a friend I bought an Eclipse from Zeal directly and will never go back. From pre dawn skin adventures to bluebird Colorado sunshine I've never found myself wanting a different lens. I don't care how easy it is, why bother with all that nonsense snapping lenses in and out? Carrying lenses with you on a hut trip? no thank you.

I have managed to fog the thing once when I was climbing with my buddy Kyle in durango but that's a matter of temperature regulation, Kyle is stronger, better suited to the environment, and prettier than me so I was cooking on that ascent. It was nice to learn from Zeal customer service that you can't ruin their antifog by cleaning the inner lens so they last longer than I expected.

Oh, probably worth noting that I did damage the lens really badly in one of my classic "terrain park miscommunications" and Zeal was really awesome to deal with when I needed help in the middle of a road trip. Without a doubt, they went above and beyond to get me a replacement.

I no longer wear the eclipse.. I gave them to Kyle this year, 3 seasons old and still a strong gear hook up. Today I ride in Zeal's Z3 GPS goggle.