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Bay Area and Beyond

Jonas's Bio

Snowboard, Surf, Mountain Bike, Road Bike, Climbing, Mountaineering, and Backcountry Exploration are my addictions. I took up snowboarding on my own after a two year stint in Spain. I was president of the Cal Ski and Snowboard Club at UC Berkeley and am currently moving into backcountry split-boarding almost exclusively. (I'll still suck it up and buy a lift ticket on powder days when avy danger is too high). I grew up boogie-boarding in Florida and took up surfing three years ago in Santa Cruz, CA. I'm mostly into Cross-Country Mt. Biking (Bogg's Mountain in Lake County, CA on my '95 Mantra Comp) but enjoy downhill from time to time ('91 Giant Warp). I ride a classic Centurian LeMans steel frame bike that my father bought the year I was born. I climb with my brothers, mostly sport and gym (Planet Granite, Sunnyvale). I've summited Shasta and am looking to bag more Sierra Peaks this winter. And I love backcountry, both the real thing, and the virtual .com version.