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John Rendall

John Rendallwrote a review of on July 17, 2010

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This kit also includes draw-tight storage bag which makes it easy to store it and select it from my bins of outdoor gear. The whisperlite stove fits perfectly in-side (it also has a storage bag).

I've had these for 15 years and they are in great condition. We regularly use the cook kit on the coleman stove when car camping, but use a separate fry pan. One thing I like about the lid is that you can place it on the pots upside down. This makes a handy spot to place the pot handle between uses and also can be used as a warmer for your metal coffee mug.

If you can spend an extra $30-40, the optional heat exchanger is exceptional! It channels the heat along the sides of the pot and helps the water boil faster. In the wind and cold, it saves lots of cooking time. The heat exchanger also fits in the cook kit storage bag when fitted around the large pan.