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John Murray

John Murray

I live in Central Wyoming and when I take the chance to play, I love to spend time Rock Climbing at Fremont Canyon or Wakeboarding at Alcova.

John Murray's Passions

Hiking & Camping

John Murray's Bio

I'd have to say that my wife and two kids (soon to be three) are the love of my life. I'm a Scoutmaster for a local Boy Scout Troop, so lately when I go camping it's up to Casper Mountain to help a bunch of 12-16 year olds with their outdoor skills. I spent time during college backcountry skiing in the Tetons. I was a high adventure director at Camp Buffalo Bill for a few summers, so I got to teach other scouts how to hike, rock climb, and whitewater raft. Years ago, I climbed Cloud Peak and also nearly summitted Gannett Peak. I'd love to do both of them again in the near future.


John Murray

John Murraywrote a review of on February 28, 2011

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I would agree that the Whisperlite Int. is possibly the best stove ever made. I have had mine since 1997. I have never had a problem with my stove. It has never clogged on me, and if one doesn't over pressurize their fuel tank, this stove can sort of simmer.

However, this is my third pump for said stove. My original pump lasted many years before it developed two cracks in the body, near the control valve. So I bought the "new" design as a replacement. I was able to use it a few times, like twice, before the o-ring on the control valve went bad. So I bought a $30 maintenance kit to replace all the o-rings, etc. While putting the pump back together, I overtightened the control valve, and sheared off the plastic fitting. My Bad. So, this is my third pump in 14 years.

Advice: Be gentle when maintaining the pump, they are not 'bombproof.'