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John L

John Lwrote a review of on April 10, 2011

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I bought these with a hammock at a local retailer when helping a friend get some hammock gear accumulated to transition from ground dwelling to elevated enlightenment. I myself use dyneema whoopie slings that I made at home. He refused to even try them and wanted the name brand since it would be "trustworthy" (even though with over 300 nights on one set i've never once had a sling slip even a fraction of an inch during the night.

The first and immediate thing I noticed when we got home was that they are made out of nylon. After setting up the hammock he climbed in and the stretch they yielded was absolutely mind boggling to me. I guess I'm used to the less than 2% stretch the dyneema provides me in my hammock.

These things stretch, and any of the hammock regulars know that nylon straps are the worst to use, there are plenty tales of being jarred awake after a sudden introduction to the ground. Including this specific brand.

If you're only using your hammock for naps in the backyard, or a night at the campgrounds a few hundred feet from your car... these things might very well be fine. But if you intend to use these as your suspension for any length of hike where you need to rely on should look for any other brand that uses polyester or switch to a dyneema whoopie sling/hugger combination.

He's had his setup for a few weeks and has slept in his backyard with them regularly. This weekend we went camping and on Saturday night, the second night out at 2am I happened to be awake when all of a sudden I heard him hit the ground in a glorious and hillarious *THUD*. Fortunately I always keep a spare pair of whoopie slings in my pack on the off chance I manage to load them up to their 900lb breaking limit and snap a pair. So there we are in the middle of the night switching out his suspension to the whoopie slings. The first words out of his mouth in the morning was "wow, those lines of your have ansolutely no spring to them, they're great. I guess I didn't realize how stretchy those slaps were..."

I would NOT recommend these to anyone. Sorry BackCountry.



John L

John Lwrote a question about on January 19, 2010

This pack comes reccomended from numerous reviews and such for the AT. This will be just a short three week hike for me (first ever). While I have no reservations about the hike I do have a serious phobia of checking bags on the plane. I have lost two bags on two seperate occasions to limbo never to be seen again. Assuming I ground ship the sharps and bulk (stakes, knife, straight razor, stove, hammock, and quilt) I'll be left with pretty much just the incidentals and clothes. If there is a good lord above would this fit as carry on?