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John Comer

John Comer

John Comer

John Comerwrote a review of on March 22, 2013

10+ Year Commuter in LA - Awesome Bag!
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I commute to and from work 5 days a week and have for the last 10+ years here in Los Angeles. From one side of the city to the other – On busses and trains. Twice a day. I have had many bags over the years, my last being a North Face tri-fold. I replace them each year. This Patagonia bag replaced the North Face bag. My commuter bag has to be multipurpose, rugged and durable as it serves as both my commuter bag and BOB bag (bug out bag). This Patagonia bag can not only sustain my daily activities, it also stores a complete contingency of items useful in the event of a crisis or emergency. In Los Angeles, the only real worry is an earthquake. This bag is so big that it holds my daily everyday items such as pens, papers, laptop, keys, gadgets, etc. and so much more. I am also a ham radio operator. I have two handheld radios in this bag and antennas. It also stores my rain gear, medical supplies, security, communications, water, shelter – basically everything I would need to be able to make it home on foot in the event of an emergency. So yeah, this bag is BIG alright. It is so big that when I first started using it, it took me some time to get used the size. It doesn't look like it can hold all of those things I just listed and there is a lot I did not list when you get it, but it sure does and then you realize how big it really is. It’s all about the packing. In the beginning before I got used to it, there were times when I would go looking for something I knew was in there, but couldn't find when in fact it was in there all the time. I love it. Get one! You won't be disappointed.