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Northern New Jersey, New York, Michigan...

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Hiking & Camping

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I love trail running. I finally got off the roads and can't get enough of the trails. The scenery, the mud, the lack of cars...


Joethetrailrunnerwrote a review of on May 7, 2012

5 5

Best carrier hands down. This pack has both shoulder and waist adjustments to get the perfect fit no matter who is wearing it. The pack also has numerous adjustments for your child's comfort and safety as well. One of the nicest features is the side entry as well. You can put your precious cargo in or take them out without having to take the pack off. It also has a hydration pouch that doesn't interfere with the child's comfort or safety. (I didn't have to buy a new one for it either, the one I have works perfectly.) I picked up the rain cover to go with it as well. It keeps the precious cargo and the pack from getting wet which is a very nice touch. I have tried other packs and this one is also far superior when it comes to combating the "wiggle" factor. My 14 month old is very active in the pack and it doesn't really affect your center of gravity or balance. The only thing that I needed to add to the pack was a changing pad. It has enough storage to eliminate the need for a diaper bag when you are doing some "urban" hiking to the mall. (I prefer this to a stroller). All in all, you will not go wrong with this choice. It's awesome.