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JoePwrote a review of on March 27, 2010

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Just bought these pants and it took me the longest time to finally push the buy button. I was EXTREMELY skeptical about spending almost 5 bills on just a set of ski pants... But the more I read ppl's opinion the more curious I became. Long story short...I finally did it and do not regret it at all. The craftsmanship is just superb and is clearly superior to any outdoors gear I own. This being my first arcteryx piece, I inspected it thoroughly upon receiving it and found flawless stitching taping and gluing of seams. There is not a detail spared in the construction of this garment. I slowly started to understand the quality and reason for its high price and I hadn't even worn it yet.

Wearing it was another delight. You will forget that you are wearing it. It fit the contours of my legs and waist just fine. Even when I layered up underneath, the fit and movement of the garment was great...like a well oiled machine. I went skiing the other day and the pants never stuck or withheld my movements. It doesn't hang on you or encumber you in any way. They were so lightweight it was impressive. No matter what the activity was, skiing or siting down for lunch, these are hands down the most comfortable ski pants I ever wore. The wind blocking qualities of these pants was also great. The wind was really blowing and while my chest and arms were chilly (older coat I was wearing), my legs were not affected.

The one thing I was skeptical about were the water-proof zippers. As a test, I put the pants in a bathroom sink, opened the faucet and let the water run over the pants and and over the zippers. I kept the water going for nearly 10 minutes and only the smallest drop penetrated past the zipper to the interior. Very impressive!

In total...I regret waiting so long to get these pants. In an instant all my other non-arcteryx gear feels like it cant measure up. Wearing these pants will make you feel spoiled.