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Joewrote a review of on April 27, 2013

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This is an excellent bike rack! We have a 2002 vw golf and it is a great fit. It takes a matter of minutes to set the rack up on your car, however give yourself some extra time your first time to familiarize yourself with how the rack works.

We have used it on a 4 hour road trip both ways and the bikes didn't budge a bit. Our recommendation would be to consider the kind of bikes that you will be using on this rack. We got the 3 mount instead of the 2 and that saved us. I have a 29er mountain bike and my wife's mountain bike is a ladies frame. We have to use spots 1 and 3 for our bikes, the shape of our frames wont let us but the bikes right next to each other. I would assume that the easiest fits would be road bikes.

We decided not to get the top tube rack for the ladies frame bike and that worked for us. With strength of the straps and the way we positioned the bike it worked out just fine. Half of my back wheel stuck out from the side of the car which is understandable because of the big bike and little car.

This is a great rack we would highly recommend it, it is very sturdy and the saddle/strap system keeps the bikes from damaging your car.