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Joe V

Joe V

Joe V

Joe Vwrote a review of on February 6, 2010

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I have wider feet so I fit well in Garmonts. When I tried to upgrade to this boot from the three buckle Syner-G, mainly looking for more support I found this boot to be significantly narrower than I expected. It may share the same sole and last, but it would have needed some serious stretching to have the same "toe-box" as the Syner-G OR the Ener-G.

I ended up sending them back (with no hassle what so ever) and getting the Ener-G which shares the same construction as the Syner-G. Much much better fit. Maybe not the super beefy stiffness that the Voodoo has but more comparable to my expectations.

I also found that Garmont has since changed the liners to more of an alpine style (with a seem down the middle). This liner does not mould-up the same way for a tele-boot. So, instead, save your bucks and just swap in your old liners (if you have them) and you're good to go.

Hope this helpful.