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Jimmywrote a review of on December 29, 2011

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I was reluctant to spend the money on this jacket but with a discount at the shop I decided to go for it. A few things drew me to the jacket.

Styling: It is a unique jacket, I have received many compliments on it and rarely will you see someone else sporting the same jacket.
Fit: This is a tight fitting jacket, athletic, slim fit. I wear large in most clothing brands and I chose large for this, I do find it is kind of restricting in the arm movement but overall after breaking it in a bit it isn't too bad. Definitely try before you buy if you can.
Functionality: This jacket is extremely warm, definitely would recommend this for cooler temperatures.

A few complaints, my pocket developed a hole in it, Dale offices were slow to reply to my email about this but once I did get a reply they were willing to help.
Not a big fan of the flag on the sleeve, I ended up taking it off.

The jacket is marketed as a ski jacket, personally I can't see myself using this during skiing as I feel it is too restricting and I would heat up in it. It does have some breathability but I would prefer to use some lighter weight wool midlayer and a shell.

Somewhat weather resistant but the seams will leak on the non wool parts of the jacket.

Buy if you want something unique, I wouldn't recommend this as a substitute for a good midlayer/shell combo for skiing. Makes for nice casual wear in colder weather. For the price there are a lot of other jackets you can get.