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Jim McClain

Jim McClain

The REAL Northern California

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No real story, just an old guy with 1 Foot in the Grave (dot com) and a love for good quality hats.

Jim McClain

Jim McClainwrote a review of on September 23, 2012

Stylin' cap, even for an old guy
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In my youth, caps just didn't come one-size-fits-all. I wasn't a hat-wearin' kinda guy either, but I started liking them when I was in the Army in the late 60s. Somehow, we found ways to make our military caps just a little unique. I guess we had a bit more latitude being in a war zone.

When I left the military, I decided to let my hair down - literally - so hats were out, headbands were in. But as I got older, I began to appreciate a good cap. It helped for safety reasons at work and was a style statement when not working. But good caps were hard to come by, especially those that had a nostalgic military look.

Now, many years later, I discover Dogfunk and a huge selection of great caps and hats. One of the first ones I bought was this Coal Considered Randle Hat. I'd heard that this cap runs large. Maybe that's because so many people think tucking your ears inside the cap is the cool thing to do. Not to me, it isn't, but you do what you wanna do. So, I ordered a medium instead of large. The fit is nice.

I like a well structured hat and Coal caps seem to be very well made this way. It's a substantial cotton with stitching that not only adds to the style, but also to the great construction of this cap. It has a cotton liner and a cushioned hat band that is comfortable and secure, whether I wear it brim down or tilted back.

What I don't like, and this is prevalent in so many brands of apparel and accessories, is giving free advertising space to the manufacturer. The first thing I did when it came in the mail, is yanked that metal brand off the side of the cap. It left 2 small holes where the pins went through the fabric and connected to the metal backing plate, but those holes look better than the billboard medallion to me. Maybe that's just me though. You might further consider that it was appropriate for me to remove that symbol, since I'm prob'ly not even close to the average age of the buyers of this product. It might have appeared that I was longing for my youthful skateboarding days - yes, I had the first skateboard in my community back in the mid-sixties. And no, I do not want to relive those days.

I'm glad I found Dogfunk and the great selection of hats. I've purchased 3 fine chapeaus here now and don't plan to stop.