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Jim Gilboy

Jim Gilboy

Pennsylvania & Arkansas

Jim Gilboy

Jim Gilboywrote a review of on January 10, 2010

5 5

Overall, these are excellent pants. My only complaint is that I wish they were about 1/2" shorter, but I still love them. And I wish they came in more colors, like brown and olive drab.

The cut of the pockets, the gussetted crotch and the doubled up plate on the heel are really nice touches. I also love that the seams running down both the inside and outside of the legs are stiched like the inside of the legs on jeans, only tougher.

I treat them like jeans, but always look appropriate for any occasion. I wash them with cold water, and only use medium heat in the dryer, and they haven't shrunk any noticible amount.

The first day I wore them, I fell really hard on my knees. After I washed them, you'd have never known that it even happened.