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Jesse Owen

Jesse Owen

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Jesse Owen

Jesse Owenwrote a review of on October 10, 2010

5 5

These boots are the pimp.

I decided to hit up a local shop for sizing in Salomons and was super impressed for a few reasons.

If you have an arch, I found these boots to be very comfy. I don't have a super high arch, rather a medium and I was finding it hard to put other boot brands on, and then I could feel the top of my foot making contact with the boot. Serious no no for any extended boarding. I tried these bad asses on and had a much easier time fitting the boot, plus it wasn't uncomfortable at the top like the others. Nice heel sponge traps as well to keep the back of your foot planted for all the response you are looking for.

The lacing system is quite nice to work with and doesn't call for full tie downs to tighten up. Inside liner lace and boot quick catch system make for easy adjustment on the fly. Tug, catch and go. These laces look thinner, but are hella durable. Plus with a 1 yr warranty, if they blow out in your first season, you are covered.

These boots also have reinforced sides which is especially awesome for your trailing foot. That edge will eat some boots alive while riding the lift. An improvement from last years design for sure. Also adding some extra stiffness, these boots have gone up 1 point since previous models.

Overall, a kickass boot, for a kickass boarder. Don't discount this boot. Check your synapse....