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Jesse Benn

Jesse Benn

Colorado's High Country

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Hiking & Camping

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I am from Colorado and would be happy to live here the rest of my life. I'm a certified gear junkie, everyone who knows me (including friends who work in the outdoor industry) will ask my opinion on outerwear and gear before purchasing it. I am a fortunate member of the Mountaintechs community and own a good amount of outerwear. I spend every weekend I can up in the mountains with my fiance Jessica. She likes to hike and I like to climb so we make a good pair. We are working on Colorado's Centennials (top 100 peaks) and also try to take an international trip each year. Last year we went to Mexico twice to climb Orizaba (18k) with mixed results. My biggest goal in life is to make as many lifelong memories as I can.


Jesse Benn

Jesse Bennwrote a review of on January 20, 2010

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I have used these crampons for a little over a year now. From 20-55 degree snow to high-altitude glacier travel to straight up and down waterfall ice. They work well for all of these purposes. I wonder sometimes if people just assumed they wouldn't work on vertical ice and then passed that off as solid advice. Sure they aren't the ideal waterfall crampon but they will definitely get the job done. They work at least as well as BD Sabretooth's which are billed as appropriate for vertical ice. The finish has held up well and so has the sharpness of the points even after plenty of use. These are great multi-purpose crampons similar to the Grivel G-12 which is harder to come across these days in the states. I would recommend them for anyone who wants a general mountaineering crampon that will also allow more extreme types of travel i.e. vertical ice.