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Jerrod Finlay

Jerrod Finlay

Northeast Alabama, Cheaha Mtn, Talladega National Forest

Jerrod Finlay's Passions

Hiking & Camping

Jerrod Finlay's Bio

I've loved the outdoors basically all my life. It started at Kill Bear Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada where I grew up. When I moved to Alabama I got involved with Boy Scouts and began exploring the outdoors even more. In Spring of 2008 I became a member of the Civil Air Patrol(CAP), an auxiliary of the Air Force. Through CAP I got involved with ground search and rescue(GSAR). I am currently an instructor for the advanced GSAR school at the Alabama Wing Emergency Services School(WESS) and at the National Emergency Services Academy(NESA) at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. Through my experiences in GSAR I've become extremely comfortable in the outdoors. My collection of gear is unlike that of any other. My background as a Boy Scout and avid backpacker gives me the wisdom to choose light weight high-speed, low-drag gear. My GSAR experience, however, aims me more towards more heavy-duty military issue equipment. I find that by blending the two gear styles I find a unique gear style of my own. Being that I an EMT and usually play the role of team medic wherever I go I also have an array of medical gear with me at all times.

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