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Jeremy Slatton

Jeremy Slatton


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Jeremy Slatton

Jeremy Slattonwrote a review of on October 10, 2009

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Seldom have I put on a shoe where it felt great trying them on. It literally felt like a glove for my foot. I'm an average build guy with a wider foot and low arch. Subsequently, most shoes, especially trail shoes, don't quite fit me. I've owned Pearl Izumi's, Vasque Velocity, Vasque Velocity VST, and Salomon Pro XA 3d's. The Blur SL's are by far the best fit for me.

I have about 250 miles on them now and they're holding up nicely. My training has been mixed lately with quite a bit of road running which they feel pretty good on too. However, these aren't road shoes as they are getting pretty tore up from all the asphalt.

- Traction is excellent in mud, sand, rocks, whatever.
- There is plenty of room in the toe box, which is a must for me.
- Arch support is there but not overbearing. I use SOLE inserts and the combination seems to be just about perfect for me.
- The weight of these is less than the Velocity VST's which is a pleasant change.
- It doesn't keep water out very well but it drains adequately. Depending on my socks, the shoes dry out after a couple of miles.
- It gives good protection from rocks. Not as good as the original Vasque Velocity's but still good. No stingers yet :)

I'm actually having a hard time coming up with complaints. I guess if I had to gripe about anything it would be that the soles are getting tore up from the road running :)

I'll be buying my second pair here in about a month. Let's hope Vasque keeps these around for a while. If not, I'll be stocking up.




Jeremy Slatton

Jeremy Slattonwrote a review of on December 27, 2007

3 5

So I've poured over the reviews on this site to find a good trail running shoe to replace my aging vasque velocity (which they no longer sell). I decided to get the XA Pro 3D based on the reviews here.

The shoe is actually quite nice and the lacing system was sweet. However, I must have wider feet than most of the reviewers here because these shoes were very narrow. The toebox had adequate room but between the toes and the heel it get very narrow. I tried twice to run in them and had to stop at 3/4 of a mile because of the pain on the outsides of both of my feet. I would not recommend this for people with wide feet.

It's a great shoe if it had fit me. I wish they made a wider version of it. I just wanted to submit this review to help those with wide feet make a better decision.

Oh, and this companies return policy rocks!.