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Jeffrey Breugelmans

Jeffrey Breugelmans

Boston, MA.

Jeffrey Breugelmans's Bio

I am from the Netherlands originally, but I will be living in the US for the next few years. For those of you wondering why the hell I have a roof over my head in my profile picture :) back in the Netherlands I would ride and work in an INDOOR ski/snowboard facility.. yep, that's how we deal with the lack of natural snow covered mountains, we just build one! I'm completely stoked though, to be living in the Northeast of the US, so close to the slopes and all the fun.

My gear:

Rome Agent '09, 158cm
Flow NSX FSE '10, Blue L
Burton SL10, '09, White 10,5

Burton Ronon Jacket, Black, L
Holden CMF Jacket, Pebble, SM
Analog Transpose Hoodie, Wicked Green, M

Holden Cronan Pants, Black SM
Burton Ronin Pants, Yellow L

Oakley Shaun White '09 Signature Goggles

Nixon Newton, Black/Orange/Sunrise
Nixon GTO, Brown Leather
Nixon Player, Silver

Jeffrey Breugelmans

Jeffrey Breugelmanswrote a review of on January 30, 2010

5 5

Wearing this watch you'll definitely be getting a lot of attention. Honestly, how could you no love the unique style and bright colors? Time telling is also easy. Just like others have said before me, all it needs is a little getting used to. Really guys, if you're looking for a new watch, get this one. Don't be another brick in the wall! Isaac Newton would approve. (see the pictures I uploaded)