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Jeff in Hood RIver

Jeff in Hood RIverwrote a review of on September 20, 2007

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As my first trail running shoe from a company more known for their hiking shoes I didn't know what to expect. Excellent support and protection, similar to what you WOULD expect in a hiking shoe/boot. Having run cross country (now referred to as "trail running", as if we have a need to differentiate to people whether we shall be running on the road today or the trail) for over 30 years I find this shoe much closer to a light hiking shoe than a running shoe. Nothing wrong with that if you really want to run in a fairly stiff, heavy shoe but trust me, there is nothing wrong with taking a conventional running shoe "off-road". The Salomon will give you marginally better protection from rocks and debris but then one could argue that a lighter shoe might allow you to pick up your feet easier, avoiding the obstacles altogether. Perhaps the biggest benefit would be for going off-trail, over rocks, scree, boulders, downed tree limbs, etc but then they wouldn't be called "trail" running shoes. My first pair tore around the toe box where the shoe flexes. The upper material ironically does not seem up to the task of the rough and tumble world of trail running as one might expect. Since this was starting to happen on the other shoe as well I considered it a design flaw. The site was great in exchanging the product and getting out a replacement for me at no cost. Pretty amazing these days but I would expect that Salomon is backing them up so hats off to them even if they fell short on their shoe design. 3 stars for the shoe, 5 for the site and 4 for Salomon.