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JeenyusJwrote a review of on March 3, 2011

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Simply: the Best. Nixon's got one smockin' watch on their hands.
Just got mine in, and the first thing I noticed was: "WOW! Professional yet casual!" and the leather bands keep it from looking TOO businessy while maintianing that preofessional feel with the old-school watch-nics instead of numbers. The extra-large face and oversized dial (not to mention the awesome enlarged Nixon logo on the side of the dial) give it a little more something that sets it apart from many of Nixon's other watches. Its just got that flare that says: "HEY! Look at me! Im NOT a 16 year old wearing watches with rubber straps: Im clean, cut, and ready for business"

Its 100m waterproof which means it can witstand the load of occasional splashes and showers (just dont go swimming!) and the stainless steel means its prepared to take a beating (just dont go trying to karate chop bricks with it). Its a three hand Swiss design, so the clock's pretty much never gonna be wrong, and the magnified 9-o'clock edge eases ever so perfectly into the lines of the dial design; masterfully revealing what day it is.

Overall, its a great purchase, and a resilient watch. If you can afford to drop the money (Or are lucky enough to recieve it as a gift): Its a great addition to any watch-lovers arrangement! Almost a must-have!