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Jennifer D.

Jennifer D.

Jennifer D.

Jennifer D.wrote a question about on March 29, 2012

I'd love to get one, but don't know what size. I'm a car camper, so weight isn't an issue.

My primary usage would be to cover a picnic bench, or perhaps a campfire area when the weather is rainy. (How high to pitch above the campfire?)

In a deluge, I'd probably want to use it to cover my tent as a backup to the rain fly (which I do use religiously, living in New England).

I have two tents: I use the Kelty Zodiac for just my daughter and myself. It's 7'x8'. The REI Kingdom 6 is for the Girl Scout troop. It's 10' x 8'4" without the vestibule. Adding the vestibule adds another 5 feet.