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Jason Boblitt

Jason Boblitt

Canyons, rivers, and aspen forests.

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Hiking & Camping

Jason Boblitt

Jason Boblittwrote a question about on January 3, 2010

I bought my Miniworks filter about 4 years...

I bought my Miniworks filter about 4 years ago and I've filtered more than 500 liters of silty canyon water and I've just bought a replacement cartridge back in june and I've only used it twice and both times it has screwed me over and the results have been stomach cramps and dehydration. There is a white seal around the top of the cartridge that is protruding out and I'm wondering if it's a defect cartridge. The filter won't put out any water no matter how much pumping I do and I've cleaned the whole unit several times and boiled the cartridge twice to try and revive it... Any ideas?