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Janko Scepanovic

Janko Scepanovic

MOntenegro Kolasin

Janko Scepanovic

Janko Scepanovicwrote a question about on December 12, 2015

Hi from Montenegro. :-)
Being a telemark skier in Montenegro is almost like a being mythical creature, something like unicorn. In whole Balcan peninsula there is no official Outdoor shop selling any kind AT gear, and definitely no Tele gear. So I am cursed to buy stuff online without ever doing proper fitting. Most of Euro shops dont deliver to Montenegro, so I depending of courtesy of my international friends who bring me stuff. Long story short - I find BD push boots Mondo size 28. My Mondo size is 27,5, and I am curios is that OK for me? If I buy this boots, they going to travel trough few countries, and few hands until they arrive to my hands , so it would be really pain in the ass if they are to small. Tnx in advanced :-)