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Jameswrote a review of on March 24, 2011

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Here's the deal. I ride a Jet-9 which has a bit more of a offset on the seat-tube that others that i've ridden, combining this with the Fizik Gobi saddle and you'll run into a problem. You need to tilt it all the way forward, and the the stops for the barrel nuts but up against the base of the adjustment mount.

Where the thompson post has right around 20 degrees of adjustability, the saddle/seat-tube counteract that and you only get about 8 degrees of forward tilt and ultimately a saddle you wind up sliding off the back of becaue this combo is barely level at that point.

I had mine at its limits and ultimatley lost the rear adjustment screw, t was comfortable for a moment, but then my ride got cut short!
Oh well, still an awesome seatpost for the right frame/saddle setup. Just make sure you do the math.