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The High Sierras, Southern and Mid Nevada Mountains

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20 years of backpacking hasnt gotten old yet, never will. Favorites are the High Sierras, Golden Trout, the PCT, Ansel Adams Wilderness, Yosemite, Mokolumne and around Tahoe. Various locations in Nevada.
Colorado: West Elks, La Garita's and the Blood of Jesus Wilderness areas.

Places on my list: Oregon; Wallowa Valley, Idaho; the Sawtooth's; Nevada; the Jarbidge.

a good cup of coffee and a bong gets me going in the morning!


Jameswrote a review of on August 23, 2011

5 5

I have used this bag since 2004, numerous times, 60 plus nights.

Very soft and comfy, durable, easy to wash and dry. I am 5'9" 150 lbs and love the tight fit of this bag. Helps to eliminate cold spots.

Good at 50*F, not too hot, Too warm(?) above that.

In the winter of 2005, on the Current River, Christmas, it got down to 5*F, snow on the ground. I slept very well with an R 4.5 pad, long johns and a 200 weight fleece top for three nights.

Many nights spent on snow at 20*F.

This bag cannot be beat for the money.





Jameswrote a review of on July 26, 2011

5 5

Many on here complain aboput the TIME it takes to filter a liter.

WTH????? Why the BIG hurry??? I dont get it. except to say it is a symptom of todays youth, I WANT IT NOW!!!! boo-hoo for you. Slow down and enjoy life.

I have used the Miniworks for 6 years, still on the original filter. I have used it in Colorado, the Sierras, Missouri, New Mexico, Utah.

The trick to using it effectively is understand what this unit does, it filters out particles down to 0.3 microns in diameter, thats 0.0000018 of an inch. Which to dumb it down means if you COULD SEE something that small, it would take approximately 1 MILLION of them put side by side to make a line 1.8 inches long.

So, clean the filter with an old tooth brush after about every 5-10 liters and this thing will last forever.

And customer service? Yeah, I blew out the umbrella valve and MSR sent me not 1, not 2 but 3 new valves AND new 'O' rings for free!

I also, personally, really enjoy watching the pretty red tinted water bubble in through the duck bill valve as I hold it up to the sunshine...time goes away, who cares if it takes a minute or 2? After all, I am camping, like I got something to do or somewhere to go? I'm there.




Jameswrote a review of on June 8, 2011

3 5

I have had this for 2 winters.

This is what it is labeled as, an inner parka, good down to around 25*-30* with no wind and 2 layers underneath. Sitting around to medium activity.

On Windy days/nights, better have a shell.

Too warm above 40 with a medium base layer.

Pockets are prone to catch snow, cause they are open and shallow. I sewed a zippr on both.

Runs small.





Jameswrote a review of on July 8, 2010

2 5

I got the 1 cup model, I think the first time I packed it, the little spout thing broke from the container part, I rigged it enough to work, then the gasket started failing after like, 6 months. it would spew steam out the sides no matter how hard I screwed it down.

The clincher was this, it has a LIFEIME warrenty, but after 4 emails to the company..they NEVER replied

The product is a good idea, but the company customer sevice is non-existant




Jameswrote a review of on November 25, 2009

5 5

Go these pants for snowshoeing and winter camping. They weigh about 2 1/2 pounds.

Great construction detail and quality, true to size, roomy without hangin off your butt. Vents are located on the thighs where they do the most good. Numerous pockets with zips to keep the gear in and snow out. Built in gaiter does its job and now I dont have to pack or wear regular gaiters.

Worth the money. I look forward to years of enjoyment of these.





Jameswrote a review of on November 5, 2009

5 5

Broke it in last week, a very light weight pot for the pack kitchen. Big eough that I had plenty of coffee for that early morning wake-me-up and hit the trail.

About the question below, concerning using it over a fire, oh yeah..the way I clean the tar and creosote off, which can be heavy with pine wood fires, just find a snow bank or some granite sand, grasp the pot on the top and give it a back and forth rotation, cleans right up!

I also make a 'glove' for it out of a piece of foam pad, then line the inner surface with tin foil, glued in with silicon to prevent melting the foam. Keeps the food/beverage hot. as titanium,. is or course, a great conductor, which helps it to heat up fast, but also cools down fast.



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Jameswrote a review of on October 8, 2009

4 5

A very very very light parka, I got it for winter camping so light is good, however, these parka's are (I believe) made in China and are not American sized,they seem to run at least 1 size smaller than US made. I got a medium that fits like a glove, barely enough room under it for a base and second layer. I am 5'8" 140lbs. Regular 37" chest. No zips on the pockets let in blowing snow.




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