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Jameswrote a review of on October 14, 2011

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I prefer the DMM phantom screwgate (41.5/42 g) for 3 (minor) reasons:
- The nose "hooks" on the neon. There is more of a bend in the shape of this part of the carabiner. But the nose on the phantom is a smoother curve so it snags a little less when unclipping bolt anchors and such. This seems to matter more when handling smaller carabiners like the neon than large ones.
- The screwgate on the neon is a little stiffer AND requires more turns to lock and unlock. If you compare it to the screwgate action of say, the Petzl Attache 3D, the difference is very noticeable and starts to annoy.
- When the neon is locked, it looks like it might not be fully locked. The nose protrudes out of the screwgate sleeve more than on most other lockers.

The downside of the phantom is that the gate opening is slightly (1 or 2 mm) smaller. The other option for lightweight locking biners is the CAMP photon screwgate (42 g) which doesn't feel quite as solid and I'm not sold on yet.