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James W.

James W.

James W.

James W.wrote a review of on September 19, 2013

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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I have many wheels and the Elites are the best value by far and the wheel by which all others should be compared. Spending more may or may not get you better wheels as I have the R-SYS wheels which are more than double the cost of these and there is negligible difference in speed. The TRACOMP carbon fiber spokes of the R-SYS wheels smooth the ride a little but hardly justify their cost and the weight drop is not really noticeable. Most carbon fiber rim'd wheels at 2 or 3 times the cost weigh as much or more so I have my doubts they are worth it so expect to pay many times more for a wheel that is marginally better and you could easily spend triple for a wheel that is at most equally as good. The durability is as good as the performance of these wheels too, they last forever and I've yet needed to true mine after thousands of miles. Also, my more expensive Easton EA90SLX wheels are good, very aero wheels but still not as good as Elites unless going downhill at max speed is your only concern. Yes, Mavics aren't as aero as other wheels but don't think you are going to win races with more aero wheels unless it is only a downhill race. On the flats and climbing, Elites are just superior or equal to almost all wheels. The Backcountry deal should not be passed up if you are riding on OEM wheels of a bike shop bike that cost less than $6000 as they are significantly inferior to Elites. Also, stay away from the Equipe's which are over priced Aksium's. You either get Aksium's which are the entry level bargain of all time through Backcountry or the Elites, the best choice to go to the next level. PS:The Aksium wheelset blows away all OEM wheels on bike shop bikes that sell for less than $3000.




James W.

James W.wrote a review of on September 2, 2013

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

There is very little difference between the Yksion Comp and the Vittoria Rubino Pro slick tire other than a slight difference in the dual rubber compounding. The two rubbers separate slightly, unlike the Rubino's, after some use and makes even bike shop people think the tires are deteriorating but this is not a problem other than very small stones can get trapped in the
very narrow grooves that develop. These are relatively fast, very comfortable tires with decent flat protection, excellent grip, and good durability. These have been discontinued and replaced with the F/R specific Griplink/Power Link that are even better but you get many more miles from tires you can rotate and don't let bike shop people tell you rotating is bad as it is a ruse.
The flat spot that develops on the rear tire has minimal effect when put on the front, but don't let it get too bad. If you rotate after 1000 miles it is simple, you add another 900 miles of life to your tires as the front tire barely wears at all.