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James K.

James K.

James K.

James K.wrote a review of on January 15, 2019

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This was my first experience with 'Back Country'. The price was acceptable, ordering process was relitively simple (as it should be). And, shipping was pretty fast. Based upon this one purchase, I'm a satisfied customer.
I was planning on purchasing another product and literally changed my mind at the very last minute. The reason I changed my mind? Plain and simple, North Face has had a very good reputation. I've known of North Face all my life (I'm 64, now.) and IMHO, the Dolimite 20 bag has some very attractive features for a Sleeping Bag at this price point. Being retired, price always enters into the equation.
For the past 2-years I've been replacing 25-30 year old camping equipment in preparation for a few Car Camping adventures I'm planning. My ultimate goal is to camp the south and north rims of the Grand Canyon along with a few other excursions. I hope I can accomplish this before old-age and infirmity puts me out of the race.
Since I have no first-hand knowledge of this sleeping bag (I haven't used it, yet.), I have to rely on the experiences of others. From what I gather, the 20 degree rating is somewhat optomistic. Maybe a 'survival rating'? Based upon InterWeb reviews the Dolimite 20 seems to be at its best around freezing (32* F) and up. My intentions are to supplement this during colder conditions with auxilery thermal protection as needed. I don't know if this is a good plan or not? I guess I'll find out, won't I? Anyway, that's my plan.

Any thoughts, suggestions and/or comments are gratefully solicited.


J.L. Kuhn