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James B.

James B.

James B.

James B.wrote a review of on February 15, 2018

Great shoe except. . .
4 5

Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I have used these shoes for 4 years and just bought my fourth pair and use with Shimano SPD's. See pics.
Rider level: Expert/Pro Mountain Bike Rec and Race, Road Rec.

Years riding: 47, Years riding and racing: 33.
Shoe Size 45 EU, 11 USA
Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 190 lbs

Light, stiff sole with fantastic power transfer. Almost no flex to shoe which I love because I'm not wasting my energy.
Wide forefoot! Which is important for my wider forefoot and long rides.

Although the last pair I had was a bit tight on my outer left 5th PIP joint (see callus on my toe pic). A lot of times I would NOT fasten the lower BOA strap b/c too tight and one strap would still hold my foot secure.
On long rides above 50 miles my left 5th toe would hurt a lot with this pair only. Out of 3 pairs this was the only pair that did that. I haven't used my new pair yet #4.

Lightweight, easy to put on and clean.
Also has water drainage hole in bottom of shoe for those ridiculous water slog days.

Breathable so on hot days my feet would be cooler. I ride in summer temps exceeding 110 deg F. On colder days I use shoe covers to keep my feet comfy.
What's nice is the BOA can be tightened with a shoe cover on (but not loosened).

Removable spikes which are awesome for those Cross days and brutal uphill hike-a-bike rides. They are dangerous to walk in though. The stop you from normal foot flexion so can hyperextend your knee and very slippery on rock so you can hurt yourself with them on rocky terrain. Great on dirt and mud!

First two pairs after one year the carbon fiber sole cracked. (see Pic of my 2nd set and cracked sole). My first pair the whole SPD mechanism snapped off with the sole attached. This is not really a complaint, probably normal wear and tear b/c I put in between 5000-6000 miles on my bikes every year. I just wish they never wore out (haha).

BOA gets hard to use after a lot of mountain biking because of the dust that gets into the locking mechanism. My most recent pair the whole BOA snapped off the locking mechanism b/c I had to pull too hard to unlock the BOA. I wonder if I should use some sort of Teflon lubricant in the future to helps the release of the BOA.
I am apprehensive about using "oils" on the BOA lock when they get hard to release (I didn't want to ruin them) I broke it anyway but got about 13 months out of my last pair. That said Velcro is worse over long term use because it stops working altogether. So I prefer the BOA system. Also BOA is much easier to since your foot tight to the shoe so I get maximal power transfer on climbs and time trials and just hammering with your friends.

Cost at $300 is very expensive but the last two pairs (the blue and black ones in the pic) I got on close-out for $160 which is very reasonable. Last Pair I bought was on SteepandCheep.com for $159.47. Total was $189.25 with tax and 2 day shipping. Reasonable for sure.

I use these shoes for both Mountain rides and Mountain and Cross racing with the Shimano XTR Trail PD-M9020 SPD Pedals and Road biking with the Shimano XTR RACE PD-M9000 SPD Pedals (smaller platform), so I don't have to use two different shoes and pedal systems. Very convenient! At 52 no more road racing b/c it's way more dangerous than mountain biking.
Last pair I bought came with SPD cleats, this pair didn't.

A great shoe with great value if you get a good discount. I would give 4.5 stars if I could. Not five because of sole breaking on two pairs and BOA mechanism difficult to use after getting into to much dirt. I definitely would buy again which is obvious by my new black pair in the images.
I hoped this review helped someone.

Unfortunately this review site will only allow one pic so you get the one with the cracked sole. ;-(