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Jake T.

Jake T.

Jake T.

Jake T.wrote a review of on January 31, 2019

This Snowmaker expected A LOT MORE!
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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I have been using these pads since November 15, 2018 and these knee pads have been the most over overpriced, poor fitting, and cheaply made pads I've ever used. You would be better off buying something from a home improvement store and save the extra money for some beer/other gear.
The only pro I can list is that the pads are low profile and light weight.
I have only wore my knee pads underneath my ski pants atop a moisture wicking base layer for my job as a Snowmaker: that entails riding snowmobiles, kneeling down digging out snow, hiking distances of 2000 feet or less around snow guns (hiking up and down ski hills), and doing daytime ski runs on my Alpine, non Telemark, Skis.
These pads have just not performed to my expectations. Those expectations are that the pads stay in place, remain comfortable, and are durable but these pads have failed at almost everything.
Cons: (1) the pads always bunch up to the middle knee cap guard (the articulating shins/thigh portion guards always settle towards the center of the knee cap guards) and they always slide down below the actual knee cap. The shin guard portions of the pad are the only part of the pad that stay in place and the rest of the pads end up sliding down right next to that portion, bunching up and providing no protection for my actual knee caps. (2) The upper thigh pad portion's elastic strap always 'tacos' and doesn't lie flat. That adds discomfort and feels like I have a rope strapped to my hamstrings/back of my thighs. (3) And lastly the knee cap guard is starting to delaminate from the knee pads foam layer right where they meet the articulated portion of the shin pad guards.
For the price and reputation of BD, you'd think that these pads would fit greatly and perform well but this Snowmaker/Skier is deeply disappointed in these knee pads and I feel like I have been ripped off for believing in this brand. Perhaps the Arc'teryx Knee Caps are the better performers.