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Jake Sirotkin

Jake Sirotkin

Jake Sirotkin

Jake Sirotkinwrote a question about on January 25, 2013

Set on picking up a set of fujas and need to real soon (have a trip coming up). Have a couple questions I would really appreciate if someone could help me with:
1. I'm 5'10'' 165-170 and not sure whether to go with the 169s or 179s. I'm a solid advanced intermediate but like a lot of tight control and never skied anything at wide as the fujas. Also live on the east coast and looking to have a 1 quiver to grow into over the next couple seasons as I get into freestyle / any backcountry...good fit?

2. Also some people have been touching on it but would appreciate any personal feedback on mounting - going Griffin and am still mostly groomers but stepping up quick so want the most versatility if the mood strikes.