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Jacksonwrote a review of on March 22, 2012

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I've used the SD stretch dome tent for almost 2 decades all throughout AK. The mountain meteor is like an updated, bigger stretch dome, with much bigger vestibule.

I must have a slightly older version though as it doesn't have the storm flaps on the front of the fly. I thought SD was discontinuing this tent because it was not on their website and the one I got was for an insanely good price (not from BC). Looks like they were just updating it, though, as it is back on their website. That is good because this is a killer tent.

I can not find anything to complain about and every other tent I have been in has had something I thought could be better. True, it is pretty heavy and it is expensive, but it's not built for weekend back packing, adventure racing, or solo sheep hunting. But for what it is intended the extra few pounds over other tents in its class are extra pounds of performance.

Of course I can't say it is better than all other tents since I have not used all other tents, but I have used a lot (NF, marmot, black diamond) and up until now the original stretch dome was always my favorite tent.