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Jackwrote a review of on September 1, 2014

Helium- Lighter than Air
5 5

Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Helium - Second lightest element ....
Having own various road bikes, ie, Parlee Z5i, Orca , Ridley Noah ,Trek Madone, Litespeed, I decide to get the Helium instead of the Helium SL as I didn't want to spend too much on this build.
Got the frame and true enough, it about 940 gram for the frame without the fork, had it build with Force 22 Groupset, 3T cockpit and CK R45 hubs with Carbon Clinchers,
Couple of thing that i realise about this frame, the design is well thought out, they provided you with the nec parts to build the bike esp the 2 cable liner that wasn't present in 2 of my Noah, this help to prevent the cable from rubbing and cutting in to the cable holder that is below the BB. I had to say that with this Helium Frame , the workmanship is a lot better than the previous Ridley frames that i had. This Helium gave me very responsive and stiff feedback when power's applied and when acceleration is needed to keep up with a surge , it's there. It gave me a stable feeling couple with very forgiving/comfortable ride. Initially i thought that I will build the helium as a climber bike together with my Parlee ,however it proven to me that Helium is not only for climbing and descending but its just as fast on the flats . A check on my garmin show that it actually held speed that only my noah could in the past.
In my mind, this Helium can climb, descend, and sprint without any issues.
The only regret that I might have was maybe i should have gone for the Helium SL which is 200 Gram lighter. but then again, it would be 1k less in my pocket.




Jackwrote a review of on August 29, 2013

5 5

Designed as an aero frame, the Ridley Noah is also a solid bike
The ISP allow you to adjust the angle btw a normal road and a Tri bike with the use of the adapter and with this, Noah is quite a versatile bike .The cut-to-fit seat mast enhanced the responsiveness of the frame a bit, but I would advise you to go for a bike fitting before attempting to cut the post as once u cut it too short. there is not turning back even with the spacers given.
The Noah performed almost as good as it looks and it gave me confidence on fast descents and hairpin turns. However comparing it with my litespeed C1R, the climbing ability somehow pale in comparison. Not much, but you can feel it at times.