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JOHN A.wrote a review of on May 3, 2017

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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Inexpensive, high quality and light.
You do see a lot of online comments slagging this technology as being noisy, creaking, etc. Well, not if you install it correctly.
Most of these negative reviews are in support of spending $150+ for some heavy, machined aluminum, ceramic bearing waste of money. What I mean specifically, is that no grease is called for during the install. The confluence of two unfortunate realities get in the way of proper install. One, that most "professional" bike mechanics automatically smear hand fulls of grease all over every bike component -especially bottom brackets- during install, and the other that few people bother to read instructions. If one does read the printed instructions included in the box, there is no grease called for for PF30. On SRAM instructions, areas calling for grease are highlighted in blue. A small amount of grease goes on the o-ring in the tube, but none on the seating surfaces. In fact, grease ruins the friction fit aspect of PF30. Show me someone with a creaking unstable PF30, I'll show you someone who smeared it with grease or otherwise screwed it up.
My PF30 (BH G5 frameset/ Force crankset) is going on 5 years old and many thousands of hilly miles, and it still works as new. You do see the suggestion to add loctite to the seating surface, but I did not. Also, install it once and leave it there. Repeated removal and re-install will wear it out and make it loose. Only remove it when you're going to replace it with a new one.