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Jordan L.

Jordan L.

Jordan L.

Jordan L.wrote a review of on January 3, 2010

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I got last years model of these boots. I was pretty stoked on them at first. The only problem initially was that the cheap material on the outside wore down quickly. After about a month the boot started to pack out. More so than any other boot I have ever had. Including Burton boots. I had written a review previously stating the boot had good support/ flex. Well I'm sure this boot works well for strict park/ jibbing, but they became soft and uncomfortable after the first month. So bummed. I like to ride all over the mountain and after awhile these just didn't cut it anymore. The flat soles on these thing feel amazing while walking, just like a normal skate shoe. But they didn't give me any cushioning while landing any type of jump or drop.I found that my back/ body started hurting after riding which was unusual. I tried really hard to like these boots, and gave them many chances, but I just kept going back to my Sabbaths(which Burton discontinued this year). So bummed! Soon as my Sabbaths are done I will switch boot companies for good. Seems to be the trend with my experience with Burton products.



Jordan L.

Jordan L.wrote a review of on November 21, 2008

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I have worn Burton Sabbaths for the past four years and have really liked them. I am 6'0 and 190lbs, and like to ride park and all mountain so I was skeptical about getting these boots fearing they would not be supportive enough. So far they are great! No issues with support, so comfortable, and they have all the same internal features as the sabbaths. So far I can't really notice the flex difference. A few things to be aware of though. The insole of this boot is flat, where as most snowboard boots have a more forward lean to them. Not bad or uncomfortable, just different. Maybe thats why they don't feel like they have more flex? Also the leather/pleather/ suede, on the outside is pretty cheap. After a couple of wears it loses its color(black model) and kind of gets matted down. It's just cosmetic and does not take any functionality away from the boot itself. Overall these boots kick ass so far! Great boot for only $200.