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A-Town aka Burque aka Duke City aka Albuquerque


JLC_9wrote a review of on March 17, 2010

Perfect Shred Stick
5 5

This board is amazing.. I have ridden a NeverSummer Evo for the past 3 years and I never thought I would ever ride anything other than a NeverSummer board ever again. But I came across a great deal on this Arbor Del Rey and I have been nothing but pleased with the new board. It has surpassed my expectations for sure.. Its great all over the mountain whether you like to ride the park or you like to just straight up rip up some pow.. It has great pop and is pretty flexible.. And the base on this board is super fast straight from the factory. Also the top layer holds up really well.. I had a few skiers run into me with their skis while at the lift lines and at the end of the day there werent any scratches at all.. All in all a gread board and I highly recommend it..