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JJwrote a review of on January 16, 2013

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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Hey All,

So I just got back from Whistler and got to demo the Mantras for a couple of days. I was super excited to get out and ride on these since all of the reviews were of high praise. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy these skis for the following reasons:

-Exceptionally stiff
-Not very playful
-Requires a lot of effort in terms of edge to edge transitioning

Based on the variety of trails I skied on (Greens, Blues, Black - Groomers to Moguls to Cruddy powder) I noticed that this ski performs really well on groomers. The Mantras are a very fast ski that carves well with great grip (If I had to compare these to a vehicle it would be like a tank with racing tires haha). To be truthfully honest, I couldn't help thinking the entire time that this ski is most suitable for the heavier set individual who just likes to "Sunday Ski" down the groomers. I also felt like I was not nearly heavy enough for this ski since it requires a ton of effort to carve (I am 6'2" - 195lbs).

I hate to be the black sheep of the reviewers, but this is my honest opinion. I hope this was insightful and helpful!





JJwrote a review of on January 25, 2012

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Hey All,

So I just got the Airbrake goggle and I am very impressed with the design and ability to easily interchange the lenses. I have not tested this out on the slopes yet (this weekend in Tahoe I will), but I am anticipating great things!

I also purchased the Bandito Face Mask ($60) from Oakley and sadly I am really disappointed with this item. I was so excited for this accessory until I tried attaching it to the Airbrake goggle. I literally spent 25 minutes trying to attach the poorly designed plastic aligner to the goggle. I honestly thought I was going to break my goggle in half trying to force the attachment into the nose bridge. Secondly, this accessory is not user friendly if you wear a helmet (Salomon Patrol C.Air Mike Douglas Model). The Velcro strap wraps behind your head and as soon as you put your helmet on it slides down your neck. My work around was to just tuck the straps up into sides of the helmet. Thirdly, if you want to take your goggles off quickly to get some air the face mask gets in your face if you prop the goggle above the brow or front of helmet. Lastly, the act of taking the attachment off is extremely violent as well. I am 100% certain that the plastic prongs on this will break eventually (I am also too afraid to take the mask off because I don't want to spend another 25 minutes trying to get it back on!).

I rate the Oakley Bandito Facemask at a weak 2/5 stars. (This item could be really awesome if they actually designed it and tested it correctly)

Pros: Looks really cool

Cons: Totally botched functionality

How could this be better you ask?

The attachement needs to have an easy on/off design. I was thinking that a strong magnet to bond the two would work nicely and it would be really easy to take on and off with the right amount of force (think iPad magnetic cover).


Implement a second latch that locks the attachment in place like the lens locking system (I prefer the magnet aspect personally)


This needs to be tested/modified so that it can work with people who have helmets.

I hope this was helpful!