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J Morton

J Mortonwrote a review of on June 23, 2009

4 5

I use this knife for backpacking and i bought the large cause i hate sharpening serrated blades. without the carabiner in the middle of it the knife and as long as its clean it's really simple to open with one hand if you have strong fingers and the knife doesn't lock in the open position so its even easier to close. if you tie a piece or cord through it instead of using a carbiner you can secure it to yourself and still open and use it easily. great multi-use knife i would recommended adding it to you gear collection.




J Morton

J Mortonwrote a review of on May 23, 2009

5 5

This is the first water filtration system i ever bought and i am very impressed! anyone can pick this thing up and after 5-10 minutes of playing with it you can know how to take it apart, clean it, or repair and put it back together in a minute.

I put this thing through a torture test the first time i ever used it and filtered water that i wouldn't set foot in. It plugged off after about 20 liters of water but was easy to pull apart scrub and get back to work. Next time ill put a coffee filter around the suction end for dirty water. The water tasted great and no one got sick after 3 days of drinking "duck slough water".

The only time i had any leaks was when it was virtually plugged completely off it leaked around the ceramic disk, cleaning it fixed this problem for me.

Take care of you filter and it will take care of you.