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Davis, CA

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Love to be in the mix wether it is tearing up the ice to score a goal or hitting the mountain on a snowboard or suspension bike, I love every second of it!


Ixquiacwrote a review of on February 2, 2011

4 5

I had an earlier version of this helmet before, so other than the edition of the 180 air fit, I didn't expect any major difference. It fit as expected, maybe the interior padding is a little plusher, but not by much. The reason it didn't recieve 5 stars is because only time well tell if it survives well. My 1st helmet seemed to start separating. Bubbles formed in what appeared to be the final coating and the main body of the helmet. I figured that meant the integrity was compromised and took it back to where I purchased it (REI). The other big fault on my previous version was that it dented and scratched very easily. It developed a flat spot on the top from where I would put my helmet on the ground.