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Ivan Gehring

Ivan Gehring

UTAH BABY! From the rockies to the red rock I own/love this state! I got 30 years of exploration and counting.

Ivan Gehring's Passions

Hiking & Camping

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I love to live. Backpack, Camp, Fish, Kayak, Snowboard, Rock climb, Slack lining, Paintball, MTN Bike, Archery, All thing's outdoors. I like to go hardcore minimalist back packing to family style car camping. I spend about 30-40% of my time in the hills/outdoors.

Ivan Gehring

Ivan Gehringwrote a review of on June 21, 2012

Watch the ROCKS!
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My brother just got one of these and it is a sweet pack for the most part. He got his gear with out water or food down to like 20 something lbs. The 1st trip we went on was a 3 nighter in Utah's coyote gulch. The pack was sufficient but 3-4 nights was about its max as he was spent on room. With that said we took more food than we could eat. There was one issue on the durability however. He had to slide down some sand stone and because of the beers in his overflow the rock burned a hole in the stretchy fabric that it's made out of. So in my opinion a sweet pack with a simple design flaw of the vulnerable overflow material extending a little too far down the body of the pack in the event that you do slide on rock. (which is fairly common a thing out there)