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Isobelwrote a review of on December 1, 2011

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I bought this as an expedition pack to climb 7,134m Pik Lenin. It was very uncomfortable under heavy load. While I was excited about the streamlined appearance I think a bulkier waistbelt would take more weight off the shoulders and neck. Preparing for another expedition I was load-carrying with ease 17kg (mainly water) in my Osprey Talon 32 yesterday. I put the same weight into the Ariel tonight and immediately felt the strain on my neck and back. Tomorrow's hike is cancelled and I will go to town and buy a Deuter Aircontact 65. Heavier, with less space, but tried and true comfort for me. I was on Pik Lenin for nearly 3 weeks so played with every possible adjustment and configuration. This bag is probably ok for lighter weights but such a large pack should be designed for heavy loads. A few too many straps and the holes midway on the side pockets preclude using them for small items while the wide belt makes it difficult to attach a camera case or small bag.